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This week on Stars Revealed, we interviewed a multi-talented young lady by the name of Gasepele Moatshe. She is an Architecture student, Fashion blogger, Vintage wear entrepreneur, a model and contributes to the community through volunteer work. Q. Tell us more about yourself?   My name is Gasepele, commonly known as 'Gase.' I am a 21… Continue reading GASEPELE MOATSHE

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Hassan Karabo Tronic KhanHirschfeld is a self-taught photographer and a Creative director. A creative director is someone who plans and coordinates shoots, films and any other visual work of art for big projects. Q. Tell us more about yourself? Hello. My name is Hassan, and I am the founder of TronicArts photography. I was born… Continue reading KARABO HASSAN KHANHIRSCHFELD

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Bongani Mothusi Bakae is an agent of change. He lives to serve the purpose of contributing to his community so as to influence others positively. Q: Tell us more about yourself?  My name is Bongani Bakae. I am currently studying a Bachelor's of Pharmacy at the People's friendship University of Russia in Moscow on the… Continue reading BONGANI BAKAE