Fidelia Soames: Founder of The Game Changers Organisation- Young women in Leadership roles and Social Entrepreneurship for social change.                                                      

By: Tumo Liwambano

This week on Stars Revealed is a shining star by the name of Fidelia. She is a pioneer of the Tswana saying “lore lo ojwa lo sale metsi.” This is because she develops the potential of young Batswana through her mentorship and charity work. Furthermore, she develops herself by being a ‘student of life.’

Q. Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Fidelia Masomosomo. I am the Founder of Game Changers Charity organisation that aims to empower young people to be the best they can be! 

Q. What can you tell us about your achievements throughout this journey?

Well my best achievements lie with the people I have had a positive impact on. Nothing liberates me more than being a part of someone’s growth in life. Some achievements range from  school tours, youth outreach programs, empowerment summits and seminars which all truly fulfill me.

The Game Changers Organization has been my most incredible accomplishment. I thought graduating from varsity would be life changing, but that was only a quarter of it. This journey has transformed me into a leader and a mentor. I like to think of it as my life changing testimony.

Q. What are your strategies to reaching your goals/objectives?

Wow! Do I even have any extra activities that are not alligned with my work-line? Oh, I really do not think so. Highly doubt this as my job is literally my playground. That is where I basically invest much of my time, energy and resources. Having said this, my strategies are focus, perseverance and determination.

 Q. What vision do you have for your community and young people in general?

My past encounters with different people from all over the World led me to a conclusion that we all have one human language which is LOVE. Inspite of our different cultures, various backgrounds, IQ levels and races we are all bonded by the spirit of coming together because of love. 

Therefore, I wish people would know the importance that this holds and would appreciate their loved ones more and their communities at large. This mindset is the reason for wanting to see progress in the young generation in my country no matter what it takes.

Q. Do you have any book recommendation(s) and/or your favourite motivational quote?

• The Holy Bible: I believe all mankind secrets are hidden within this book. This is the book of life written for all, but designed to touch each and every individual’s specific need. I believe anyone who has read the Holy book had a change in their lives as it spoke to them.

The Mindset: This book is a constant reminder of the power of embracing the process of becoming and growth. It teaches one that failure is meant to mould and not to destroy. Highly recommended.

Limitless: This book basically taught me of the amount of power within me if only I believe in it and use it accordingly. It has been a great motivation through the toughest days to remind me to hold onto the strength that I started with to reach my final destination.

Q: Do you have any mentor (s) in your life that have helped you throught this journey?

Well, definitely! I wouldn’t have been able to do this alone. It has been a tough one but everyday is a learning curve and a time to personally develop myself by associating with people in my line of work.

• Mosupi Masomosomo is my father. I would to think if him as my Business Coach.

•  Gaone Ranko : Financial and investment advisor/mentor

Marshall Raleteba: Spiritual mentor and goal setting coach.

Thea Khama: Life Skills Coach

Bose Setimela: Brand mentor

Mmakgosi Anita Opadile: TV and Media mentor


The GCCO Logo
Thank you Fidelia! We wish you the best in all your future endeavours ☄☄

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