Musa Mhlasi: The 30 Year Old Chef who operates a local mobile restaurant, The BOX.

This week on Stars Revealed, we had the privilege of getting to know a young chef who turned his passion into a business.

Entrepreneurship is a key factor in reducing the high levels of unemployment in Botswana. Therefore, Musa Mhlasi hopes to see more young people venturing into business or entrepreneurship as this could create employment opportunities in his local community.

Q. Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Musa Mhlasi. I am 30 years old and was born in Botswana. I hold an Associate Degree in Marketing from The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Botswana. I am a self-taught chef and have been in the business of food for the past 4 years.

My place of birth is Francistown, where I was born to a single mother. I used to travel a lot between Francistown and Gaborone for school and later did a year at the University of Namibia before transferring to Limkokwing.

Q. What can you tell us about your achievements throughout this journey?

I am an entrepreneur currently operating my own catering company called ‘Food with a Foodie’ and have recently expanded into a mobile restaurant through another company called The BOX. Our mobile restautant is located near the 3 Chiefs Monument by the CBD, Gaborone! 

We provide good food, high quality service and delivery options. The most important factor of operating a business that needs you contribute a lot to everyday is good customer service. This is vital in creating good friendships that could attract more people to your brand, and in this case the restaurant.
Food with A Foodie

I have not done much travelling in my adult life, but as a teenager I had the pleasure of visiting Harare, Lake Kariba. Later, I got to travel to Capetown and Grahamstown. Besides Marketing and Food, I am also an avid readee and writer. I love poetry and have written iver a 100 pieces in the past decade.

Q. What are your strategies to reaching your goals/objectives?
My strategies are consistency and focusing on the End Goal. I have been focusing my energy on turning my passion into a commerical entity. I think I have managed to take my love for food and turned it into a business. I have only been fully involved for 18 months and we are making strides!




Most people would not view these as business strategies but they serve me well and have helped me to attain a lot that I have set myself to achieve.

Q. What vision do you have for your community and young people in general?
I would love to live in a World where every single person can be free to be who they want. I would also like to see a place where financial freedom doesn’t seem far fetched.

Q. Do you have any book recommendation(s) and/or your favourite motivational quote?

Well, I do not believe in motivational quotes and books. Therefore I doubt I would recommend and book of that sort. I am one person who believes in Energy. The energy that one carries determines their final destination in life (destiny). I truly believe in Universal energy and that one attracts the energy they carry.


This is a mobile restaurant operated by Musa and his team! Be sure to check them out, they take orders in Gaborone and surrounding areas at a cost of p15! This is a great initiative and one of the first in Botswana. The best part about it? It is done by a Young person from Botswana! Well done Musa Mhlasi. You are doing a truly amazing and inspiring job! Keep it up. ☄

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