This week on Stars Revealed, we interviewed a multi-talented young lady by the name of Gasepele Moatshe. She is an Architecture student, Fashion blogger, Vintage wear entrepreneur, a model and contributes to the community through volunteer work.

Q. Tell us more about yourself? 

 My name is Gasepele, commonly known as ‘Gase.’ I am a 21 year old currently doing my 4th year at the University of Botswana. I am majoring in Architecture which is a five year course and enjoying every minute of it. I was born and raised in Botswana, Mathubudukwane. It is a small village situated 10Km from Mochudi.

My goals in life are to achieve the best that I possibly can. I aim to have my own Engineering firm i.e construction, architectural or civil. I would also like to own a clothing line with an international retail supply and a food catering business. It is all a bit ambitious but I intend on making it happen! 

My hobbies are swimming and cooking, which is a given in my family. So if you ever need lunch by a self-taught chef, let me know and I will be at your doorstep! Haha.

Q. What can you tell us about your achievements throughout this journey?

I will be attaining my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Well, I guess this will be my biggest scholarly achievement, with more to come ofcourse!

 Apart from the degree, I have been involved in leadership and volunteer work. Most of the roles were during my primary, junior and secondary school era where I was chosen as the prefect in primary,  head girl in Junior secondary and finally the deputy head girl in Senior secondary school. These roles taught me to be responsible and built me to be a disciplined and well rounded young lady.

I like volunteering. My love for volunteer work has led me to being a part of the team in the first ever National Youth Sports events held in Botswaba in 2013. I also volunteered in Beira, Mozambique last year. The program was designed to help young people in Beira to learn more about public speaking, interpersonal skills and enhancing their résumes to be better graduates and productive employees.

The business I am currently involved in is called Vintage_Swvg  which started off as a vintage clothing brand but has developed into more than just that. The brand aims to grow bigger, create an architectural inspired clothing line, endorse models and style shoots. So far, we have been involved in local runway shows, styling shoots and selling vintage clothes.

Q. What are your strategies to reaching your goals/objectives

I do not think there is a formula on how to reach your goals but one thing I have learnt from my father is hard work and humility will help you achieve anything you put your mind to. My mother has been a huge and important part of my growth in life. She encouraged me to focus on my school work as it will help pave a way for my career path. This has helped me a lot.

Q. What vision do you have for your community and young people in general?

 My vision for Botswana is to have the youth doing more for themselves and not dependent on the government to provide everything for them. Everybody is good enough to achieve anything they set their minds to.

I think the youth of Botswana may be stuck in replicating and doing the same thing. I feel this is a huge drawback as it limits the potential of diversity in our country. We need to be more unique, innovative and advamced if we are aiming to make an impact.

Our country needs to develop and not remain stagnant doing the usual things. The world needs young people that will not think of themselves and not spend too much time on activities that do not contribute to their respective communities, but would rather think of how they can help a group of kids learn English so they can advance beyond the borders of their countries. 

They could also start multiple campaigns to drive empowerment and motivation in school children by donating school uniforms, this can be done even in small scale within our country. The point is not where or how, but the thought itself counts!5. Who is your mentor and why?

My father. I have learnt quite a lot from him and I am still learning as it is. I go to the farm whenever I get the chance just so I can spend time with him because he teaches me about life in general and the history of our culture and farming.

My father has enabled me to have a vision of investing in farming in the future. Watch out for that! Haha.

Q. Do you have any book recommendation(s) and/or your favourite motivational quote?

To be honest with you, I am not a huge reader. I am into home décor and food magazines. Novels are not my favourite read, but I sometimes grab one just to pass time.

My favourite motivation quote is what he (father) considers a great tswana teaching which says “Phela ka n ga ena Lemipi.” This basically means you will never go anywhere in life if your goal is to outsmart people for your own advantage.

Thank you for the interview Gase! We wish you the best with your future endeavours ☄☄


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