Hassan Karabo Tronic KhanHirschfeld is a self-taught photographer and a Creative director. A creative director is someone who plans and coordinates shoots, films and any other visual work of art for big projects.

Q. Tell us more about yourself?

Hello. My name is Hassan, and I am the founder of TronicArts photography. I was born and raised in Gaborone and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Botho University, Botswana.

Q.What inspired you to venture into photography?

Honestly, I really love nature and wild animals. Growing up, I always watched the National Geographic channel which made me fall in love with wildlife and nature. Actually, a few years back, my family had a collection of VHS cassettes on wildlife which contributed to my huge interest in capturing these beautiful animals.

My father used to travel around Botswana, and he would come back home with really amazing images of his journey. At the age of 12, I developed a passion for photography. It became a part of who I am and never looked back. My professional career began approximately 5 years ago. I finally took the initiative of making photography a career that I would like to do for the rest of my life.

Well, according to me, photography is an Art. I have always loved art, playing around with colours and creating a voice behind an image. It really fascinates me.

Q: What have you been able to achieve throughout this journey?

I have collaborated with a few young creatives such as Deck’d Out shop owned by Freddy Motsumi for the Butan Wear brand. I have also done one of the most elegant Miss Botswana shoot for Thata Kenosi. Thata Kenosi was crowned Miss Botswana last year, and it was a privilege to work with her and finally got the chance to work with a few international celebrities, for example Rick Ross when he came for his Botswana tour late last year. I also work with families, wedding shoots and whatever work that requires me to showcase the talent that I have.

In future, Hassan would like to venture into the film making industry, as it is a market that has not been explored much in our country and to reach International standards in his photography career.

Fashion Photography Shoot 

Q: What strategies do you have to achieve your goals?

Hardwork and dedication. It is not very easy to work in this industry because of the lack of support we get as artists. However, as you grow it becomes more about how you can get yourself up rather than relying on others to build you. You become mature enough to push yourself forward and appreciate the work you do. That is how I see it, and have been experiencing a good record in my business and photography journey.

Q:What vision do you have for young people in your community?

My dream is to own a professional photography academy targeting the rural areas of Botswana inorder to reach out to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity of being exposed to the world of photography.

I believe everyone deserves a chance in life to be whoever they aspire to be and should be given a platform to explore their capabilities.

Q. Who are your mentor(s) and why?

David Yarrow, Mario Testino and Neil DeGrass Tyson.

David Yarrow is a wildlife photographer I have been following for some years now. He is patient and does not rush his work. A month ago, he confessed that he had waited 6 years to take his best shot of an elephant! He really is an inspiration to me.

Secondly, I look up to Mario. He is an Italian fashion photographer. He has mostly featured on magazines like Vogue and is known for his international standard photography. I would like to believe he is one of the best in his industry.

Neil…(laughs) Neil is actually very good in science. The first time I got to know about him was on tv, pretty sure it was a documentary on the National geographic channel about science. Neil integrates his knowledge of the scientific world with reality, and comes us up with ideologies that directly relate to us as human beings.

 What motivational quote do you live by?
“Aim for greatness inorder to achieve greater heights and prosperity.”-

Thank you for your time Hassan! We wish you the best in your future endeavours.☄

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