This week on Stars Revealed we held an interview with the beautiful and outgoing young lady who goes by the name Ndazipa. She is currently based in Gaborone, Botswana and we got to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur. 

Ndazipa runs the Southern African branch of an international makeup company called GLAMGALS cosmetics which originates in Dubai, UAE.

Q: Tell us more about yourself?

Hello, My name is Ndazipa. I was born in Zambia & currently reside in Gaborone, Botswana. I am studying Chartered Institute of Management Accounting at the Botswana Accountancy College (B.A.C). 

I am one of the 1st GlamGals business agents in Southern Africa. We launched the brand in Botswana on the 1st of January 2017. Although I had never been a makeup fanatic, I have always appreciated makeup as an Art so when the opportunity came along for me to go into the beauty industry, I didn’t hestitate to jump on board. I really enjoy running my own business which to me is the most important thing but also a little extra income never hurt anyone, haha.

I am also a blogger. I love sharing my thoughts in writing and expressing my feelings as I tour the world. Travelling is one of my favourite activities and has allowed me to develop a passion of sharing my experiences with people around the globe.

 My blog space is called the The Art of Reinvention and covers all the topics from beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle & inspiration. You should check it out at ndazipa.wordpress.com/ if you have any interest in one of those particular topics.


Glamgals Botswana

Glamgals is inspired by confident & accomplished women thus giving you scientifically-advanced formulas, revolutionary textures and up-to-the-minute, trendsetting shades effortlessly, affordably, beautifully. In a nutshell, it’s about having fun and Glamgals’ affordable range of colourful, contemporary, high-quality products are designed to enable real women to do just that. 

Q: What can you tell us about GLAMGALS that stands out?

GlamGals is all about the quality. Our makeup range enables one to look glamorous even on a budget. All our products are cruelty free! That simply means that we are completely against testing on animals . 

There is wide range of products that cater for the most skilled makeup artists to the least, there are large palettes suitable for professional makeup artists to smaller ones for beginners . Our slogan is ‘keep it simple, keep it glamorous.’

The GlamGals Nailpolish Range

Q: How many countries have you been to while travelling, and what is it about travelling that you love so much?

Well, I have been to 8 countries and hopefully more in future. Travelling around the World is just amazing, there is nothing I enjoy more than experiencing different cultures and environments. Haha, I actually tend to completely indulge in them and get lost in the experience.

Riviera on Vaal Country Club & Restaurant

Q: What strategies do you use inorder to reach your goals?
I would like to think there are quite a few, but one strategy I really try and follow is finding ways to remind myself why a specific goal matters to me. I find it easy to sometimes forget why we want the things we want in the first place but remembering what the goal meant to me when i set it, pushes me to work towards achieving the goal.

Ndazipa uses  platfroms such as Pinterest and Instagram to stay motivated. She does this by creating visual images of what she aims to achieve in life. According to Frank Niles, “visualization helps on to catch a glimpse of our preferred future. When this happens, we are motivated and prepared to pursue our goal.” Creating  visual images of your set goals motivates you to take the first step to achieving them.

Q:What vision do you have for your community and young people in general?
 I hope my community and young people recognize the power in themselves. It is so easy to waste our youth. A person is only young for a short period of time and older for longer. Do not use that fact as an excuse to be wreckless. I would strongly advise my peers to realise that it is up to them to create their own happy ending in this world . The world is not a ‘wish granting factory’. I think everyone should realise that it is never too late to be someone you’re proud of and use that to the best of abilities.
Q: Do you have a mentor? Who are they are why do you consider them someone to look upto?

I actually don’t have a specific mentor at the moment, and this is only because there are so many people in my life who continue to influence my life in incredibly positive ways. I have every single one of them to thank for the lady I have become and the person I’m slowly becoming. These people range from family to particular friends that mean a lot to me. I am eternally grateful to them for what they have done, and still do in my life.

Q: Do you have any book recommendations & favourite motivational quote? 

Well, A book that stole my heart was ‘looking for Alaska’ by John Green.  After reading it, I felt like it was literally a masterpiece. .definitely recommend everyone  to check it out!

My favourite quote is “We are as indestructible as we choose to be for we are never irreparably.” These words always remind me that I call the shots and that it is all up to me to decide whether I want to give up or go on. 

It is not easy but it’s certainly not impossible. It reminds me that it really is never too late to be someone you’re proud of. That is what keeps me going no matter the challenges and downfalls.

Thank you for the opportunity! We wish you the best in your business and all your future endeavours. 💫

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