Nametso is a beauty blogger, YouTuber and a Make-up Artist. She founded “Beauty by Namy” which is a business that deals with makeup accessories & skin therapy. Her home village is Maun, located in northern Botswana.

Nametso graduated from the University of Botswana, with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. After graduation, she focused on developing her business to improve her entrepreneurial skills and lead a healthy lifestyle particularly on skin care and mindset development.

 Growing up an introvert meant she never believed in her abilities to start a business, even though she was aware of her talent. Therefore, she begun to watch YouTube bloggers and makeup artists to better her skills. Watching other people who have succeeded in the makeup artistry platform made her believe that anything is possible if you believe.

Fear was a huge part of her past life so she finally overcame it and decided to take a step into achieving her dreams. Fortunate enough, the community has been very accepting and supportive of Beauty by Namy, hence there is a gradual growth which makes her really happy and proud to have started this journey.

Nametso strongly believes in consistency and investment, as these two traits allowed her to grow uniformly in her entrepreneurship journey. Late last year, she took a step into leading a healthy lifestyle. This meant a change to her diet and exercising routines. 

Today she celebrates a happy life, coupled with a healthy skin which is very important to note when in the business. Skincare is essential to allow the skin to look good and feel great, with or without makeup as this may improve one’s confidence.

Beauty By Namy YouTube Channel

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been very helpful in her business. They have given her a good audience, as she has managed to network with makeup artists from all over the globe. This taught her so many tips that she could use for her business, and also enabled her to learn how she can be the best in what she does. Kevin Trudeau once said “Listen to and watch the people who are what you want to be, who do what you want to do and are great at it.” 

Nametso believes that this made her more competent in her work, thus bringing positive outcomes as her business has been growing at a good rate.

What advise can you give young people in your community/the World?

NAMETSO: Well, the most important thing is to be authentic and original. Do not live another person’s life. In my community, many people are not actually living their dreams but live according to their parent’s wishes and hopefully this will change with time.

Do you have any book recommendations?

NAMETSO: The Secret. I choose this book because it has changed my mindset in a way I cannot explain, it talks about the power of your thoughts and the law of attraction. Your thoughts attract whatever happens to you. One has so much power all in the way they think and perceive life. I started thinking positively which led to me starting Beauty by Namy and persevering throughout the challenges. It is Highly recommended. 

Thank you for your time Nametso! We wish you the best in your journey and all your future endeavours ❤

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